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CEDAR HOMES TIPS – What you should consider when buying land:

Value Creation

Most people buying land have a vision of what they want to achieve when they build a new cedar home. Generally, they also want to make sure that they get a fair return on their investment if they choose to re-sell the property at some time in the future.

This means that there needs to be a real relationship between the initial cost of the land and the amount spent on building a custom home.

Cedar Homes Tips – Careful planning is required to make sure that the right balance is achieved to create value.

Cedar Home Design

It is usually not worthwhile to spend time and money to design a new cedar home before the purchase of land. This will be wasted if it is not possible to build the design on the property purchased.

In fact, many customers find they like several different houses designs equally well and have trouble making a choice.

Often one of these house designs can be built at a lower price because it is better suited to the property.

Cedar Homes Tips – If you are sure you want to build a specific design, you will need to make sure that you can do so on the selected property.

Cedar Homes Tips

Meeting Your Custom Home Budget

You always know the upfront cost to buy property. However, the cost of subsequently building on it can vary considerably.

Your budget should include the estimated cost of the land improvements you will need to make before you can start construction.

The reality is that all parcels of land have different characteristics and present varying opportunities and challenges.

How you deal with these will affect both the type of custom home you can build and the cost of house construction.

CEDAR HOMES TIPS – Key factors to determine if the property is right for you:


Virtually all properties will have zoning requirements or Architectural Controls. These basically cover what you can build and where on your property you can build it.

Setback distances will apply from the sides, front, and back of the property as well as allowable distances from wells, septic systems, and water.

Height restrictions may also apply. Sometimes the type of design and materials to be used may be governed by Architectural Controls.

Access to Your Property

On more challenging sites the cost of building roads to access your cedar home can vary considerably depending on the house design selected.

Cedar Homes Tips – Road placement needs to be considered in conjunction with the location of other services so there is no conflict.

View Corridors

Many homeowners want to take advantage of the full view potential of their site. Alternatively, they may want privacy from an adjacent property.

Natural features like trees or rocks can be taken into consideration within the design to create a more interesting result.

Utility Services

Most homeowners want power, water, utilities, and a wastewater disposal system. In some locations, people want to use alternative power sources, such as solar panels or generators.

The cost to bring these services to your custom home may affect the initial buying decision as they need to be included when considering alternative properties.

Cedar Homes Tips – Creating the right house design will usually reduce the cost of installing these types of services.

Water Wells & Septic Services

Rural or recreational locations often require the drilling of a well and an approved way to dispose of wastewater. This usually means the installation of a septic field or tank.

Ideally, you want a property with a good natural percolation test rating as engineered septic fields can be very costly.

Resale value is low for a property that does not have easy access to water or has disposal problems.

It also takes special expertise to position wells and septic fields, so they do not get in the way of building your custom home in the best location.

Slope of Property

Building on extreme slopes or soil with compaction problems should generally be avoided. However, if there is a reasonable slope on the land this can often be used to its advantage by incorporating a deck or walk-out basement below the main floor.

Cedar Homes Tips – If you utilize the site’s potential in your house plans, you will in turn maximize your budget.

Type of Cedar Home

Building a cedar home allows owners to get exactly want they want in terms of look, interior layout, room sizes, and interior features.

However, some sites are better suited to certain types of home designs than others. You need to know the dimensions of the allowable building envelope of your proposed property to make sure you can build the house design you want and get the best use of the land.


Permits will need to meet applicable building codes. Local engineering may be required where high winds, extreme temperatures, snow loading, or seismic issues are involved.

This may also affect the types of building materials that can be used.

Cedar Homes Tips – Windows will need to be certified to meet NAFS energy and structural requirements for the area of construction.

Site Preparation and Landscaping

The cost of clearing the site to allow the excavation of foundations and landscaping afterward can vary a lot depending on the property. Builders will usually not include these costs in providing rough estimates for home construction.

Cedar Homes Tips – They will need to be included to get a realistic budget for your project. Selecting the right house plans and putting it in the right place on your property can save a lot of money.

Custom homeowners have built thousands of homes on very different sites and in a wide variety of geographic locations.

One of the major reasons they chose Cedar Homes by Cedar Designs is because we specialize in Site-Specific Design ™. This considers all the key factors that affect the feasibility and cost of each individual cedar home project based on the unique features of the property.

Once you have made the land purchase, Cedar Homes by Cedar Designs will be able to help you choose the right site-specific house design to give the best results for your budget.

This kind of expert technical advice can save you many thousands of dollars when building your new custom dream home.